May 1, 2019

Romantic Lake Elsinore Wildflower Photoshoot

Few times in life do you find a friendship that you just know will last for years; much less a married couple that perfectly meshes, uplifts, and brings joy to you both. Kayla and Joshua have been that couple for me and my husband almost since the time we met them in college group several years ago. So stoked to [finally] share their beautiful Lake Elsinore wildflower photoshoot.

It started when Josh introduced us to Kayla as a brand new girlfriend, and within months they were engaged and married. It’s been fun to watch their relationship grow, and to walk through so many seasons with them already.

Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word.

If there’s one thing I’ve embraced about true friendship as I’ve gotten older, it’s that the mark of a true friend shows itself when the hardest trials hit. When everything was hitting the fan with my life just two years ago, Kayla was the constant presence who felt, listened, prayed, and walked through it with me. Many times without me even asking or opening up.

Together as a couple, they have loved Calvin and I, from us being their college group leaders, to them completely ministering to us when we needed it. Community isn’t about tiers or positions. It’s about being there for each other and loving without expectation.

I’m thrilled to share their romantic Lake Elsinore wildflower photoshoot to celebrate their 2-year anniversary! We had so many ridiculous, candid laughs!

And this is where the light just went full on fairytale dreamy on us…. just how gorgeous are those Lake Elsinore wildflowers! I wish they could last forever.

And that’s a wrap. First location was in Menifee, CA and second was in the Lake Elsinore wildflowers patches that bloomed this spring. It was the perfect spot for a perfect love story. There will be more to come with these cuties in the future, now I can’t wait until it’s their time to have a little one!! 😉

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