The Experience

It used to be that I'd show up to a photoshoot having never met my client, not know anything about them or their vision, and then afterward throw them a gallery of photos that they either a) lost the link to, b) forgot or weren't sure how to print photos, or c) downloaded a few favorites and never looked at it again.

I take responsibility for it, and the truth is, you deserve more than that. Your memories are too fragile, and this chapter in your life too meaningful to handle it so indelicately. In time - and especially once having my own daughter - I realized I had to start giving my clients the experience they deserve. 
Because at the end of the day, it's not just about pretty photos. It's about the right-now moments of real life - your story woven in time and joyfully preserved so it can be cherished in the seasons ahead. My goal as a photographer is to honor this time, and to make sure you can enjoy it fully. 

My approach is one that puts the power in your hands to communicate your vision and choose the images you cherish the most; and puts the responsibility on my shoulders to get them into your home with the highest of care and quality.

this part of your story is ready to be honored and celebrated.

An elevated Photography Experience

We made it. It's time to see the beautiful images we made together (I can't promise dry eyes!). We'll choose your favorites and decide how you'd like to enjoy them to the fullest around your home.

tissues and hugs included

the reveal

You show up looking amazing, and I'll take care of the rest, from posing to locations to making sure we get every meaningful shot. Clients tell me our sessions are relaxed, comfortable, and fun!

let's make some magic

the session

We meet in person or on a call to customize all your session details. We also review the studio menu and products. This is a FUN hour and it's where we get to really connect together before we even snap a shot!

where the vision comes to life

design consult

The fact that you're here tells me we likely are. You need to preserve your memories; I can make it happen. Let's have a quick chat to meet, cover details, and get your session locked in! Start HERE

Are we the perfect match?

first call

For the senior, graduation is the first step toward the next huge chapter of your life. For the parent, all you can remember through tear-filled eyes is the first step they ever made.

And now! After years of art projects, extracurriculars, sporting events, report card talks, classmate sleepovers, first crushes, and more - it's time to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.  

Senior photos are truly my pride and joy. I will get to know you, as both senior and parent, hear the things that light your world, and serve you an amazing experience for the books! 

seniors + grads

say goodbye to the classroom era.

There's really no way to overestimate the meaning and value of family photos. And because no day is promised, every memory matters.

It's the nose wrinkles, the tiny toes, the butterfly kisses and belly-laughs, the tickle fights and piggyback rides... here today and gone tomorrow.
Whether you're just starting out in your pregnancy journey, or are celebrating a family reunion with all the siblings in town, I have a space for you.

My approach with family photos is to nail down every frame-worthy shot most important to you, while also capturing the precious moments in between.


before they grow another inch.

I've been known to be the girl that will hide in bug-filled hedges and 90-degree, 100% humidity weather in order to get the perfect moment when he's on his knee asking the question of a lifetime.

Because from the first "yes!" all the way to the decades milestone anniversary, your love tells a story of joy, commitment, endurance, growth, and passion that only belongs to you. 

One day you'll flip through your memories in a timeless album, and remember what your love felt like in this chapter. I can't wait to meet you, laugh through our session, and write your now-story with beautiful images! 

couples + anniversaries

relive this love over and over.

Designed with your home in mind, our exclusive framed wall art comes with a lifetime guarantee.

wall art

Crafted by hand with archival materials, this classic heirloom brings your story to life on thick, layflat pages.


specialty products

Premium mounted prints come printed on heavy board, perfect for popping in an easel or frame, or for gifting. 

mounted prints

Every session is personalized and custom to your vision and needs. We start with an initial session fee, with images and products purchased afterward. While every session is unique, clients typically invest a minimum $700-2000 or more. 


First of all - you'll be amazing. I'm here for you! It's my job to get you relaxed, comfortable, and feeling like a million bucks before we even snap a shot. 

What if i'm awkward and not great in front of the camera?

The best location is the one that is meaningful, fits your vision and aesthetic, or brings you joy. We cover this in our planning stage to find the perfect spot!

what locations do you recommend for a session?

Currently I work with clients around my local area in Aurora, Naperville, and surrounding cities in the western Chicago suburbs. 

Do you travel or do destination shoots?

After the initial session fee, images are purchased in bundles that include prints + digitals. There's no limit to how many you can choose!

Will i get all of the digital images with my session?

Choosing the perfect outfit for your photo session can be stressful. That's why every client gets a detailed style guide + personalized guidance from me.

Do you help advise on outfits and styling?

I do! I hold seasonal mini sessions in the spring, fall, and winter. There are limited spaces and my email list has first access, so hop on it here to get first dibs!

do you offer mini sessions throughout the year?

Frequently Asked Questions


From the very beginning she had so many great ideas and worked with me so well to figure out the looks that I was going for my senior photos. She was able to create the image that I wanted and was so fun to work and shoot with!


Charity offers style guides, works to find the perfect location, does a photo reveal, and offers quality products for your prints that are hard to find elsewhere. On top of that, she’s such a joy to work with and is so much fun!

"Her whole process is unlike other photographers I've worked with - in the best way!"

I felt extremely comfortable with her and loved that she suggested different poses for me. Loved my experience and the photos I received were insanely good! It was an 11/10 experience and would HIGHLY recommend!

"Charity is literally THE BEST! She brought my vision to life, but better!"

Charity did a wonderful job photographing my headshots. Her ability to personalize and mingle with people is phenomenal! She is wonderful at what she does, and is very caring. If you are wondering if Charity is the photographer for you, YES!

"Charity really cares about her clients and what she is doing."

Charity is so much fun to work with! She’s great at posing and catching gorgeous lighting. She helped me create one of a kind [photos] and I hope to continue working with her!

"She has a creative eye and can envision more than I could ever imagine."

 Charity provides such a custom experience from start to finish and did such a wonderful job. She met with us 1:1 to go through images and was able to produce beautiful prints that are now in our home. I highly recommend her!


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