March 16, 2019

Botanical Baby Girl Shower | Chicago, IL

Super excited to share these images with you from my little botanical baby shower in Chicago. Planned by family and hosted by my creative older sister Charisse, every detail was perfectly thought out, and so “me.” She made the most delicious (and pretty) cupcakes, crafted a surprise flower crown for my head, and put together all the little touches to decorate her home. It was perfect! Also a huge shoutout to mama for putting together a deliciously healthy salad and fruit bar. Thank you to all of the friends and family that made it out to celebrate our little baby girl. We feel so loved and blessed.

When I first packed up my little apartment in 2015 and headed out on our road trip move to southern California, I left a part of my heart at home. I knew that it was going to be a continuously hard thing to be so far away from my comfort zone. After all, the Chicago suburb life was all I’d ever known. All my friends, family, and childhood memories reside there.

As time has passed, I’ve changed in more ways that I could have imagined and am so thankful for the new experiences, relationships, and growth I’ve seen in myself. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! And yet, of course, there will always be the little pangs of sadness at missing out on the big things with family. It meant a lot to finally have my mom be able to feel my baby girl’s kicks. To talk about birth stories and plans with my sisters who have all had their own experiences. And to compare preggo bellies with my oldest sister who is expecting another little baby cousin to add to our lot.

Those are things that you just don’t take for granted. Pictures can’t do it justice, and distance can only make it more special. I’m grateful that I could manage the time off work and the travel expenses to get a quick trip home and see all my precious people.
Thanks to my hubby for his support in sending off my 26-week preggo self, and again to everyone who made it out. I wish I could’ve invited another 50 people just because there were so many more faces I would’ve loved to see and hug. Ya’ll are loved!

At this point, we’ve chosen to keep baby girl’s name under wraps until she is born. I love the anticipation and excitement of introducing her for the first time with her name. Charisse had a fun “baby predictions” card for guests to fill out, and we enjoyed reading over the names that people guessed. Among the predictions were “Eisley Faith,” “Kennedy Grace,” “Belle,” and… “Shaquanda.” ;D I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracies of said predictions.
Adorable unicorn diaper cake that my younger sister Caitlyn made! 
My beautiful childhood friend that happens to also be pregnant. So fun to be on the journey together!
We went from sleepovers and goofy high-school photoshoots together, to married with a baby, married and pregnant, and engaged. Just like we talked about years ago, but now its really here.
Just love this pic of me and my sis Cait, who have always been so humorously opposite 😉 

Shoutout to my awesome cousin Kayla for getting the majority of these detail shots for me. A few were snagged by yours truly, and the ones of me and the boho swing were by my sister Charisse. We lost out on all the natural light by the time we got to pics, but it still worked out great! 

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    So happy for u Charity. Beautifully done. Wishing I could’ve been there.

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