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Hello! I'm Charity, a photographer, mama, and believer based in the western burbs of Chicago.

Meet charity

It’s already December and I’m way late in sharing this shoot from last month (when pumpkins were still acceptable). But it’s all good, because A) it’s this pretty lady’s birthday today! and B) because it’s worth it and these are too good to just keep hidden on my laptop.  Speaking of…  The photos shown here […]

woodland maternity

It’s been a long nine months of 2017 so far. Filled with far more emotion and roller coasters than I had imagined. During the week, I keep busy working as a caretaker at a residential facility for at-risk youth, where I help counsel and protect over 25 teen girls. It is a hard-but-worth-it position to […]


It’s the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving, and my heart is full with so many thoughts and feelings. One of the biggest things on my mind is that in just a few weeks, I’ll be turning the big 25 years old. I’m halfway through my twenties now. The reality hit me like a brick recently, as I […]

Few moments are as precious to catch on camera than the moment he goes down on one knee and asks her to be his bride. Tonight, the evening before Thanksgiving, I’m certainly grateful for the chance to be apart of this memory for Mike and Sam. I’m also teary-eyed, as I remember that exactly 4 years […]

  Dancers have this certain grace and strength about them that is compelling and inspiring. When you spend your entire life in a studio, learning discipline and balance and poise, it’s no wonder that those qualities transfer into your personal life. I could see those same kinds of attributes in Treasure, as we explored some […]

Portrait Photography of Girl in the desert in Menifee, Southern California

I’ve been driving by a gorgeous landscape in Menifee filled with beautiful rock formations and greenery for weeks on end now. And every time I passed the patch of untouched desert-land, my soul cried, “Needing!” At the same time, I’ve been spending a lot more time with my extended cousin and new friend, Shariah. She’s a […]

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