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Hello! I'm Charity, a photographer, mama, and believer based in the western burbs of Chicago.

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Hairstylist Branding Photos in North Aurora Salon

Excited to finally be sharing these hairstylist branding photos with the talented Clarissa! When I was looking for a new hairstylist in the Aurora IL area, I came across Clarissa Raylene, a multitalented hairstylist, colorist, and extensions expert. I decided to try her out after having some recent bad hair experiences. While sitting in her chair as she worked on my long overdue and outgrown highlights, I was immediately drawn to her modern, educated, comfortable approach to hair. I quickly found myself completely trusting her.

She’s working hard at building clientele and years of experience, but what I especially loved seeing was her eagerness to learn more about her craft. I felt the hunger, the desire to grow and to keep up with trends and to be relevant to her current clientele. We chatted about business, education, and marketing. Eventually we started talking about my portrait photography and how I might be able to help her in one area that was lacking – professional headshots and personal branding photos.

What are personal branding photos?

Simply put, personal branding photos are intentional images that showcase the business, owner, and details of their workspace and craft in action. They can be anything from classic corporate headshots, to lifestyle storytelling, in which there are less posed photos and more details and actions shots of the subject doing their work (like typing, writing, on the phone, cutting hair, etc).

My Approach to Branding Photos

My personal approach to branding photos is a hybrid blend of lifestyle storytelling and posed headshots. People searching LinkedIn expect to find clean, professional headshots. But future customers visiting a website or social media expect to be able to learn more about the person behind the business that will connect with them. This is why my approach to branding photos includes a mixture of photo elements that tell the whole story. Who are you? What is your style, approach, personality? What can people expect when they step into your place of business or get on a call with you? Your branding photos should set the stage for building trust and elevating you as a trusted, professional source to solve their problem.

As you’ll see scrolling through these hairstyling branding photos with Clarissa, we blended all these elements together to create a full gallery of well-rounded images to show her in action.

First, we included close up details of the products and brands she uses, which in her industry really matters to her clients. Clarissa gave me her vision of certain shots she wanted, and also trusted me with some fun creative ideas that came to mind throughout the course of the session!

Second, we took wide shots to show her in the salon space that she uses, in order to show what clients can expect when they walk in. Is it bright and airy, cozy and vibey? (Have you ever searched a new restaurant or clothing store on Google/Yelp, and gone straight to the “inside” photo category so you could see what the vibes are inside? This is why I do this!)

For Clarissa, this meant having some FUN with youthful, relaxed poses that show her lighthearted, friendly personality!

Finally, our hairstylist branding photo session made sure to include one of the most important elements – seeing Clarissa in action, doing the work she does best. Since we didn’t have a client to model for us this time around, we got creative utilizing the space where she daily works her magic on clients.

Photos of her curling hair, prepping towels, holding combs, and warming the sink water are all apart of her daily rhythm and all little action details – combined with a bright, cheerful environment – that say this girl knows what she’s doing and is fun to work with.

Is she not just the most beautiful?! Being apart of these hairstylist branding photos was honestly SO much fun to plan and do together. Now clients can really connect with her more personally, and she can have beautiful detail and action shots to share all across her online presence! If you’re local to North Aurora, IL and are interesting in new hair coloring or extensions, you can book Clarissa’s skills on her website.

Book Your Own Branding Photo Session

If you’re a local small business, entrepreneur, or have a personal brand in the western Chicago suburbs, I have a question for you!

When was the last time you invested in fresh new headshots or brand images? Are you taking pics all on your smartphone, slapping quick filters on, or asking friends to grab some behind the scenes? While there’s nothing wrong with that for social media content, there is so much value in having professional, clean images to elevate your brand and establish trust as an expert in your industry. Want to work with me and chat about this more? Just fill out my contact form and let’s start with a free phone call to see if we’d be a great fit to get you new branding photos!

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