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Hello! I'm Charity, a photographer, mama, and believer based in the western burbs of Chicago.

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Is it just me? Or is there something truly meaningful about having your beautiful family story displayed around your home in frames. It allows you to relive that fleeting season in a way that no online gallery or smart phone folder can provide. And yet – exactly how do you even begin the process of selecting the perfect wall art? I get it, my friend! Choosing the right photo frame size for your home can be daunting and overwhelming. That’s why I’m here to help give you a framework (see what I did there 😉) to start with! Read on for helpful tips on choosing the perfect photo frame size for your home.

Consider the Space Where You Want to Hang the Photo Frame

Before diving into frame sizes, it’s essential to consider the space where you intend to hang your family portraits. Take a moment to envision the wall where the frames will be displayed. Is it a large focal point or a smaller area amidst other decor? Would one large frame look the best, or maybe a trio of varied sizes that will break the wall up more? Understanding the available space will help determine the right photo frame size that will complement the room and draw the eyes in.

How to Measure for the Right Photo Frame Size

Measuring the wall space and the area available for your photo frame is a crucial step in finding the perfect fit. Start by measuring the width and height of the wall space where you plan to hang your frame. This will give you a general idea of the maximum dimensions you can work with. Next, consider any existing furniture or other elements nearby that may influence the frame’s size. Remember to leave enough space around the frame for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing display.

During my Reveal Sessions with clients after our photoshoot, clients will often come prepared with their measurements of the space they’re envisioning having a frame. However, it’s not required, and if you’re having difficulty, I’m here to help with every step!

Standard Photo Frame Size Guide

While there are countless frame sizes available, certain standard dimensions are commonly used for displaying photographs. Here are a few of the most popular photo frame sizes:

  • 8×10 inches: This size is perfect for small spaces or when creating a gallery wall with multiple frames. Fun fact: in my image bundles, mounted prints of this size are included with every order, ensuring that every client gets to walk away with gorgeous prints to display in your favorite spaces!
  • 11×14 inches: Ideal for medium-sized areas and can be a great choice for a standalone piece or as part of a gallery. These can also look really beautiful as a trio (three in a row).
  • 16×20 inches: A classic size that works well as a focal point on its own or when accompanied by smaller frames.
  • 20×24 inches: Suitable for larger areas or as the centerpiece of a wall display.
  • 24×30 inches: This standard size is excellent for creating a dramatic and eye-catching statement piece. Clients absolutely love this for a family portrait above a couch or mantle in their main living space!
  • 30×40 inches: Helloooo, statement piece. More like, master of the house. This beauty is sure to spark conversations – and joy – as it hangs royally on a large wall! Perfect for high ceiling spaces or long, empty walls that need something larger to break it up.

Of course, there are tons more varieties and custom sizing options, but those are a few I offer straight off my studio menu to make it as easy as possible for you.

How to Choose the Best Style and Color Photo Frame for Your Home

Time for the fun part! After choosing the right photo frame size, it’s time to pick the best style and color of the photo frame. This step is essential to choosing one that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Consider your existing decor: Take note of the color palette and style of your home. Choose a frame that complements the existing decor rather than clashing with it.
  • Match the frame to the photo: Consider the content of the photograph itself. For vibrant and colorful images, a simple and neutral frame can help the photo stand out. Alternatively, a decorative frame may add an elegant touch to black and white portraits.
  • Experiment with materials: Frames come in various materials such as wood, metal, or acrylic. In my studio menu, I offer a variety of high quality wood and classy metal frames. Choose a material that adds texture and visual interest to your space while maintaining a cohesive look.

And that’s it! You should be more readily able and confident to choose the best photo frame size or your home. Having personalized wall art featuring your family not only adds beauty to your home but also creates an emotional connection to the space. These visual reminders of the beautiful moments in life are invaluable and deserve a place of honor in your home!

Don’t have any new portraits to document this season of your life? Just contact Yours Truly here at Charity White Photography to get started! I’d be honored and overjoyed to have the privilege of preserving your memories for you!

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