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Hello! I'm Charity, a photographer, mama, and believer based in the western burbs of Chicago.

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Tulip Field Children Photography at Kuipers Midwest Tulip Fest

Is there anything more precious, innocent, and enchanting than a child running free through the tulip fields? When I heard that Kuiper’s Family Farm was hosting their second annual Midwest Tulip Fest, and knowing that it was only 30 minutes away from me, I knew I had to make it there this spring. I can’t believe I missed it last year! That week I opened Mini Session dates for clients, and then promptly got tickets to explore it for myself with my own little girl (if you’re wondering if it’s worth it – it is. Kuipers is a family-owned farm most known for their fall festivals, and they really know how to give families an amazing experience!).

Let’s talk about this shoot, though.

Because little Naomi showed up with her wholeee personality and a half, and the resulting photos blew me away. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the last few shots stole the show for me!

This shoot did something to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been cooped up at home waiting out the frozen Midwest tundra for the last six months, waiting for spring’s arrival and anxious to get outdoors in the colors of life again. Maybe it’s because tulips are such a symbol of new life itself -fleeting but precious. Here and gone, but impactful while they’re here. There’s a life lesson there that coincides with recent shifting seasons of my own life, with the death of a hard winter and the hopeful burst of a new chapter ahead.

Whatever the case, this year, the tulips captivated me. And spending time with this little girl running mischievously wild through the rows of bursting color gave me life.

The Value and Beauty of Children Photography

For one thing, this shoot reminded me of my love for children photography. Back in 2013-15, I was spending a lot of time doing photoshoots of lively little toddlers whose parents showed up with grimaces and crossed fingers. They sheepishly wished me luck with trying to get a good shot. However, I confidently took the challenge; because to me, they were just being themselves. The best kind of portraits are the ones where the whole person shines through. With kids, it’s so easy. Because they don’t know how to be anything different.

Secondly, this tulip field photoshoot reminded me of just how important of a job I have. I don’t sit behind my camera just for me. I’m there because the children and families I’m photographing are often headed by loving parents who keenly aware of the passing of seasons that fade as quickly as the tulips. And because they know there’s nothing worth more than being able to freeze that moment in time to remember forever. Children photography is a precious honor, a huge responsibility, and an immense joy.

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