December 5, 2018

Kayla | Peltzer Winery Temecula CA Photography

It’s already December and I’m way late in sharing this shoot from last month (when pumpkins were still acceptable). But it’s all good, because A) it’s this pretty lady’s birthday today! and B) because it’s worth it and these are too good to just keep hidden on my laptop. 

Speaking of… 

The photos shown here are literally the only ones that I have left from this amazing shoot with my sweet coworker Kayla. Sadly, a technological error on my part (and some super frustrating glitches in Adobe Lightroom’s product, in my opinion) contributed to me losing out on EVERY. SINGLE. image from her shoot. My first mistake was formatting my memory card before ensuring photos were completed, and my second mistake was not backing them up on my other hard drive. Nonetheless, a harsh lesson was learned. (And if you’re a newbie photographer, please always remember to back images up!)

Thankfully, I had already saved these photos to show off some sneak peeks. And while they’re unfortunately the only remaining evidence of the art we created together, they’re still pretty darn great to have.

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