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Hello! I'm Charity, a photographer, mama, and believer based in the western burbs of Chicago.

Meet charity

Do you ever wonder if anyone cares about the things that have happened to you?
Do you ever wonder if anyone would be interested in hearing what you’ve learned from experiences in life?
Do you ever tell yourself, “No one would understand me….?”

If you’re like most young girls and women, then the answer to one or all of those questions is YES.

You feel alone.

You feel unrelatable.

You feel disconnected and uninteresting.

Or, you feel afraid.

Like if you open your heart to reveal your secrets, then you’ll be judged, pushed away, laughed at, or looked at differently. Like if you talk about your struggles, past or present, then you’ll look like less of the person that you want people to see you for.

I can tell you from personal experience, it is completely understandable. Of course sharing your deepest thoughts and experiences is scary! I’m a writer, so I’m constantly thinking about new things to write about and share. It comes naturally to me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have some deep things I haven’t shared yet, either. I get it. It takes a lot of courage.

However, I have seen the results of young women opening up and sharing their stories, and have watched the effect that it has on the people reading or watching. And what I have found is that nearly every single time, there is an absence of shaming or persecuting, and an abundance of gratefulness, encouragement, and community.


People are craving authenticity.


I wrote in my last post that the word “authentic” is being overused and shoved into a trendy hipster clique. One thing is for sure: people are desperate for real things, real people, and real stories… something to relate to and resonate with. Every day, the media shoves images and videos in our faces filled with Photoshopped bodies and plastic surgery faces and unrealistic expectations of perfection.
And what I see is that people are tired of it… especially young girls who bear the weight of those expectations.

I recently came across an article in which a young girl in her mid-twenties shared about her deepest, saddest secret: she suffers from a severe anxiety disorder which causes her to have the irresistible urge to pull out her hair. The photos she posted with the article showed a somber journey of a beautiful blonde head of hair slowly being shaved away, in order to disguise the patches that she had ripped out. I had never heard of such a disorder, but I was astounded by the responses I saw in the comments and shares that spread like wildfire. Dozens of girls were thanking her for her honesty, sharing how they struggled with the same thing, or giving her advice on therapy and treatment and coping….. it was amazing.

Her story is just one of the countless I have seen where girls are coming out with their reality – and rather than being made fun of, they’re being hailed as courageous heroes.  

So what is the NUMBER one reason you should share your story, too?


Simply because your story matters, and it can change a life.


Now hold on, don’t click away. I know you’re still thinking that this doesn’t apply to you, because, “What can I possibly have to offer this world? I’m too ____________.”

Right? You think your life isn’t interesting enough and that it can’t possibly inspire someone else?

I’m telling you it can.

It doesn’t matter if you suffer from an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, anger; have a disease, disorder, or disability — or none of the above and you have a complicated family situation, a testimony of how God saved you from sin, or an amazing life-changing event that taught you a lesson — the truth is that someone else is going or has going through the same thing as you. Either way, you have the chance to inspire a person, encourage someone through a relatable experience, or to even get advice from someone who can share their lessons with you.


You make an impact simply by being you, being real, and sharing wisdom with others, no matter how small.


God has given us so many different platforms to share our hearts, to spread the Good News, and to reach out to the lost and broken. Even if you would consider yourself lost and broken, there is still another soul out there who can relate. Who knows what doors you will open simply by courageously sharing your heart?

The point is that you have nothing to lose. There is every reason to make a difference in this world, to impact others, to change lives, even if it’s just by sharing our life lessons.

That’s why here on the blog, and with Charity White Photography, I’m so dedicated to providing a platform for girls to share their hearts with their peers. You may not realize the impact you can have, because the world has told you that you’re “too young” or not important enough.


Well I’m squashing that misconception and flushing it down the toilet where it belongs.


YOU have a voice. I want to give you the platform to use it.

So think about it.
What part of your life do you think someone else could resonate with, and what’s stopping you from sharing your heart to anyone who will hear?


Are you ready to make a different and use your voice for good?


If you’d like to share your heart, experiences, testimony, or story, with other young girls like yourself, please email me: info@charitywhite.com. You will be encouraged more than you think, I can promise you that!

I’ve been talking to many girls in the last couple weeks, scheduling photo sessions and organizing my interviews with them. I’m so excited to give them a platform, and I hope you’ll join us!


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