September 30, 2014

Arianna + Paul | Maternity

Recently, I had the honor of photographing my cousin and his new wife, in celebration of the [soon] arrival of their little boy. After over a year of close friendship and within a few months of dating, Paul and his girlfriend Arianna surprised us all with an engagement announcement. Just about one week later, they surprised us again with a courthouse elopement. Finally, about three months after the wedding we were surprised once more with news of a baby on the way. Now here we are, just under a month away from meeting Logan!

I remember when Paul and I built legos together, “spied” on our families with top secret gear, and ruled the Kingdom of Backyard with swings as our thrones and the younger siblings as servants.

What are now just distant memories and photographs once seemed like the whole wide world to us. Now, we are both married, pursuing our dreams careers, and charging forward through real life. While it is sad to think of growing up, it’s exciting to see where life is taking us and to see what God is and will do through us.

For that reason, I pray He blesses these two in their new journey of parenthood. It’s such an exciting thing to welcome a new life into the world. We pray little Logan is strong, healthy, and that your marriage continues to thrive with this new addition!

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Congrats you lovebirds, you! I can’t wait to meet my new little cousin!

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