"I'm just a small girl with big dreams and a bigger God."

That's how I like to describe myself  - fun-sized at just 5"1" and filled with dreams of making an impact on the world. When I'm not being super serious in Instagram captions and blog posts, I'm a goofy, quirky, sometimes-blonde, very non-basic white chick who was probably born with the wrong color skin. ;) I'm a PK, middle child of six, and love fitness, sunshine, cuddles, and movie nights. I don't drink coffee or soda, don't like seafood, and can't see 4 inches in front of me without sticking plastic in my eyeballs every morning. I probably missed my true calling being a forensic or private investigator, so I've channeled my skills into becoming a world-class Google queen. 
My dreams consist of writing a book, working a nonprofit, traveling overseas with my hubby, having a few little ones, and changing the world with the love of Jesus. I wouldn't be who I am without the love of the Father - my driving force for all that I do.